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Global Citizens - Peace & Nature Activists

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Legacy Project


We are lifestyle travelers

We are living abroad traveling, gathering online, preparing ourselves for a 5-27 years lifestyle travel adventure 2013-2017/2037. We live as global citizens, collaborate with global sustainable development and share our experience, skills and wisdom with new generations of lifestyle travelers (lifestyle travelers legacy project).



  • Travel Operators School
  • Nature & Peace Activists & Volunteers School
  • The Lifestyle Travelers Club Events & Meet ups


Lifestyle Travelers is one of the Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Legacy Projects. At our network site you will find also Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Library online and opportunities to participate and collaborate at Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Projects


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STARTS any time 2014

A Christmas gift for a traveler in the heart!


Every experienced traveler wishes for support on the road.

Why not to become the one that makes from every travel challenge a wonderful successful experience?

You are the one online, for the one on the road!

The traveler operator and assistant training will qualify you as the ideal support for a lifestyle traveler, a traveler entrepreneur or a long term traveler.

It also gives you skills as an assistant for project development on the road (business or not for profit projects developed by travelers)


To bring to the travel community the most advanced skills and specialized support for lifestyle travelers and project development on the road!

Travelers operator are a key for your travel security and success!

Lifestyle Travelers

It is time to celebrate!


The Lifestyle Travelers Club

Is dedicated to advance the lifestyle travel experience through entrepreneurship and collaboration.


  • Resources
  • Projects
  • Teams
  • Innovation
  • Education
  • Strategy collaboration
  • Business start ups
  • Investment


The Lifestyle Travelers Network

Is dedicated to the development of the necessary conditions to enhance the sustainable development of our lifestyle.

Our lifestyle travelers network is re-activating ancient travelers routes world wide.


  • Explore new and ancient travel routes
  • Network - Collaboration
  • Inner Economy - Sustainability of the lifestyle travel
  • Lifestyle Travelers School
  • % Discounts and benefits ( Directory of services and partners)
  • Settlements and regional projects


Lifestyle Travelers Adventures

The basic membership will bring you closer to the lifestyle travelers adventures.

We are creating the travelers culture one destination at the time.!


  • Gatherings
  • Meet ups
  • Travel routes
  • Security and safety information
  • Destinations
  • Directory of services and activities at location
  • Forum, discussion and travel culture
  • Network
  • Information
  • Find travel companions



Lifestyle Travelers Core Crew


A professional lifestyle travelers team, with a lifestyle travel plan of 27 years.

New at lifestyle traveling?

Experience the travelers culture and lifestyle



"...Our planet is traveling among the stars, in the same way our atoms and particles travel in our consciousness field. Our thoughts, emotions, experiences and life are themselves also experienced by our consciousness as a trip. Our dreams and our encounter with one self within the dream land is also a travel adventure.


A traveler lives as one, one with ownself, and is experiencing ownself as new in every single instant, present in one-self, discovering the world and collaborating with its key life principles.


Lifestyle travelers are travelers that as global citizens, participate in global change, while moving-in-between and / or staying at one location, with the traveler approach for several years. "


- Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Lifestyle Travelers Founder



Lifestyle Travelers School


The basic set of skills a lifestyle traveler needs.


  • Key resources and information.
  • Safety and self-care guidelines.
  • Self-management for lifestyle travelers
  • Professional lifestyle travel skills and technical training
  • Meet up with 5-18 years lifestyle travelers
  • Sharing and advice
  • The raw reality of fun and adventure abroad traveling


New courses


  • Learn a new language and how to teach your own.
  • Web publishing and usability
  • Responsible Travel, sustainability and resilience
  • Project Management and self-management.
  • Self-sustainability, inner economy strategies.
  • Body arts and self-awareness



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